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Mold Detection & Elimination


When water or moisture enters and builds up inside of your home, mold can grow out of control and become a health hazard to the young, elderly and immunocompromised. Mold causes allergies, skin irritation, respiratory issues, and many other hazardous symptoms to your health and wellbeing.


You can trust Mold 911 to detect and eliminate mold in your household. Consult with our qualified experts to assess and restore your home back to its original state. We offer over 23 years of experience in the field and service all of Blue Bell, PA and surrounding areas.

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“Steve (founder) is extremely knowledgeable and was quick in remediating the mold in my home. I had water coming into the back of my house and in my bedroom that caused extensive mold issues. Steve and his team went above and beyond to fix these issues at a reasonable price. I am going to continue to work with him on his maintenance program. I highly recommend Steve because he truly is educated on mold, he's not a contractor that does mold on the side.”

— Nicole C.

“Your analysis and procedures were thorough, keeping us posted every step of the way [...] I will continue recommending your service as you made it very pleasant to get an unpleasant job finished in a timely manner.”

— Richard A.

“Steve the owner is very educated and qualified for mold removal. He has been recommended to me through a realtor friend who has used him many times. I was very impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge. I had a leak problem which turned to mold. Steve came in did all the proper testing before the job, shared with me the results, did the treatment and then tested again at the end of the job. He showed me the results which really made me confident the job was done 100% right. I highly recommend his services.”

— Todd C.