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“Steve is a very qualified specialist, with an environmental science background and years of experience. He is a pleasure to work with and listened to all of my concerns. I would highly recommend him.”

— Sally C, Villanova

“[We have] been using Mold911 testing services for a little over a year now and have been extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism, customer service, honesty and quality of work. [...] Steve not only does the right thing every time, but is able to develop a remediation plan when Mold is discovered. I highly recommend Steve and Mold 911 for anyone who is serious about finding out if Mold does exist and having a seasoned experienced Mold specialist develop the remediation plan.”

— Phillip G, Langhorne

“This man is amazing. Unfortunately I have to wait for the landlord to OK doing the job but what Steve did as far as diagnosing and assessing the problem was fantastic. I would recommend him, and already have recommended him to my friends and family.”

— Stephanie S, Royersford

“Steve (founder) is extremely knowledgeable and was quick in remediating the mold in my home. I had water coming into the back of my house and in my bedroom that caused extensive mold issues. Steve and his team went above and beyond to fix these issues at a reasonable price. I am going to continue to work with him on his maintenance program. I highly recommend Steve because he truly is educated on mold, he's not a contractor that does mold on the side.”

— Nicole C.